Minggu, 17 Agustus 2008

The Floo?

No, not the "Floo", as in a way of transportation by means of a traditional fireplace. The flu, as in "Influenza", a kind of infection sort of caused by virus. Annoying beings, viruses are. They always make healthy people sick, even worse in children or in other not so healthy people.

The flu can be severe to the point that a sufferer might need to be hospitalized. Sometimes the flu can involve the lungs too. Not a happy thought, that. Most of the time, the flu can be merely an annoyance because of the runny nose and the sore throat. But some people, especially children and others already not so healthy, may experience fever, headache, coughing, and stomach problems. Yes, diarrhea can happen now and then. It's caused by virus, remember?

Unfortunately, the spreading of said virus is a little too easy to be true, such as sitting near a sneezing flu-affected-someone in a bus or subway. Close contact is not necessary, but it helps in the spreading.
Fortunately, if the immune system is top notch, chance is the healthy body will prevail. Virus, begone! How about a child whose immunity isn't fully developed? Simplest answer, flu vaccine. Doctors would be so happy when parents asked for the flu vaccine for their children. The immunization does prove to reduce the risk of getting the flu. It's worth the try. It's better than taking medication after getting the flu, although giving a doctor-approved-antiviral drug can make children with flu a little less miserable. Still, no antibiotics. Doctors could go on a tantrum if you give antibiotic to the flu infected. They'd rant about this resistance-thingy, for multiple drugs or the like.

Also, there are other ways in avoiding the flu, especially if the flu vaccine is unavailable. Not going anywhere near people who are sick, for one. Cleaning the hands with soap and water often is another good way. Do all that plus plenty of rest and nutritious food, you won't have to see the doctor too many times.

Keep in mind that even a strongest fortress might fall. Children are not the strongest. If they do get sick, lock them inside the house, make sure they rest and give them a lot of fluids. OTC medicine can be used to reduce fever or sore muscle, but take care to not give them aspirin. Just ask the doctors, they'll explain.
Always be prepared to contact a contact a doctor. The disease can get worse. Mind the degree of the fever, and how long it stays. Listen to the breathing, observe the skin color (be careful of bluish tint). Children who have high fever or not drinking enough water might seem confused or lethargic or cranky. Seizure is dead-set one point to have a child in hospital care.

The flu, while most of the times is just plain annoying, is not a joke. Where is the fun in blowing your nose off, or coughing your lungs out?
Better to stay healthy. More fun this way.

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