Senin, 14 April 2008

Que Sera Sera?

Would you honestly say, "what will be will be" about your own life, your own future?
Would you really block your vision from from the rotting environment you live in?
Boy, you better not.
It's become common knowledge that air pollution can cause diseases to your breathing system, to your heart and blood vessels, and worst of all, death. Not only the effects are devastating, now we have to worry about water pollution. And then, there's noise pollution. I assume that loud noises can increase your stress level. Just imagine, if a baby's crying can make you swear, what can a building construction with all its hammering dan sawing do to you?
Cars, fancy though they are, emit carbon dioxide, the so-called greenhouse gas. Lots of it. Your average factories are marginally worse, but you get the point. This CO2 is the major contributor to global warming, nasty issue but real. Not only that, the twice cursed gas can also disrupt marine life as it can increase sea water acidity. Soon, we might not be able to taste the delightful sushi, the marvelous cuisine, the pearl of ..... you know lah.
For vain people, listen up. Environmental pollution can cause wrinkles to appear earlier, skin and hair to appear duller, and might even increase the possibility of having acne attack ground zero. Think about it.
So, no more "que sera sera" attitude when dealing with this problem.
Alright, guys?